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Are Online Casinos Better Than Live Ones

Many people would agree the point. Why bother playing at the casino when one can get the same playing at home in the luxury and security of ones house? One does not have to worry about locating a parking spot and one does not have to elbow one’s self to get a decent table at a nearby casino restaurant and bar. While fending off irritable waiters is not ones idea of fun, live casinos offer a degree of social interaction that can never take place once someone decides to go online all the way. In live casinos, players get the chance to get away from household chores and enjoy some precious bonding time with friends and co-workers.

Here are some ideas to ponder why online gambling may or may not be for ones personality.

Benefits Of Online Casinos

1) Total Privacy Gambling on ones computer does not force the player to reveal who they are, what their social status or financial standing in life is. Playing online assures the players that they can never run into or accidentally meet anyone that they don’t want to have contact with. This could be the boss, ex lovers, or even family. One is never revealed online unless they want to.

2) Convenience Land based casinos can be places of great irritation such as finding an empty parking spot, having to fall in line for a table at bars or eateries or even at a roulette table. Players who stay with their computers never have to think about these small everyday hassles.

3) Big Bonuses Noland based casinos would offer any bonus for players who just visit the scene or visit the area itself. These are only available online and nowhere else.

4) Safety factor Many online players feel safe because they know that their money and their personal well being are right on ones own home and not outside in some unknown, unsafe area.

Benefits Of Land Based Casinos

1) Social Thrills One can meet a lot of people in the casinos as compared online. Sure, one can interact with players in the chat area built nothing beats meeting up with real flesh and blood people. Casinos are also places for meeting up and making new friends.

2) Food And Drinks Food and drinks are always around in the casino and one can always grab a bite to eat but it is always a different experience than eating a cold meal at home.

3) Entertainment Casinos have other attractions besides gambling and they often entice the person to seek other forms of distraction away from the humdrums of house life. For online players, once boredom arrives, one can just grit their teeth and bare it.

Both worlds offer the player different advantages and disadvantages that can swing both ways. It is up to the player to choose which factors overrides the other and from there, one can decide.

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