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Support for UIGEA Repeal and Online Gambling Regulation Mounting


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In a telephone conversation today with an intern at the House Financial Service Committee, Casino Gambling Web has learned that there is no scheduled activity on Rep Barney Frank’s Bill, H.R. 2046 before September.

Our conversation was about the Internet Gambling, Regulation, and Enforcement Act which Barney Frank proposed this past April. The bill just yesterday picked up two more co-sponsors making a total of 28 representatives signed on to date.

The intern, however, told us that there has been a flood of calls regarding this bill and that all were positive in nature. He also indicated that Americans across the country are voicing their support for the bill, but they need to redirect their efforts to their individual congress person about how they would like to see this bill progress.

He stressed the need for more congressmen to fully understand the entire bill and felt that once they did, they would either sign on to cosponsor or allow debate for the bill on the floor.

Understanding that Casino Gambling Web is in a position to influence many Americans, the House Financial Service intern asked that we give our readers, and all those in the industry, a bit of advice; to take action by: writing to, visiting, or calling individual respective representatives.

“This is the single most powerful way to get their attention,” the intern said. “If you do not get a response,” he told us, “then try again and again until you do.”

In the past few weeks, congressmen that have been made aware of the Internet gambling issue in full, have agreed to co-sponsor the bill. It is gaining in popularity and lawmakers are taking notice.

The intern also lauded our plan to go to Washington D.C. to hand deliver signatures and comments from over 6,000 voting Americans who signed our petition to repeal the UIGEA. Included in our delivery will also be a packet of information about every aspect of the online gambling industry.

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