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The Washington DC District Attorney General, Irvin B. Nathan, told the council’s Committee on Finance and Revenue Wednesday that the measures allowing intrastate online casino gambling were approved. Nathan said that the proposal abides with the federal laws and will be launched in September 8. Chairman of the committee Councillor Jack Evans expressed doubt on Councillor Michael A. Brown’s motivation in presenting the bill because of his affiliation with the Washington DC law and lobbying organization. In defense, Councilor Brown said that his fellows are aware of the bill on online casinos before they voted. The District could be the first in the United States to allow internet gambling.

Buddy Roogow, executive director of the lottery, declared that his office will release two online casino display games in late July and four more in August. Roogow added that players can only deposit and use only debit card for the transaction. D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray replied to the questions at the weekly news briefing that he needed further understanding on how the gambling be monitored before a decision be made. He said that he is curious on how the D.C. Lottery guarantee that gamblers at online casinos are inside the border of the District. Roogow recommend to the committee age verification and security log-in of every player. He also added that the hot spots would be hotel rooms and Wi-Fi zones, but must be under a lottery-approved IP address.

The DC online casino gambling program is outlined by specialist from the District’s Greece-based lottery contractor, Intralot. Roogow claimed that large part of the area would have connection using DC-Net. Hotels, bars and restaurants will be added to the record. Permission for private home connection will still be validated.

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