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Taiwan To Rival Macau For Chinese Gambling Money In Near Future


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Taiwan is making a move into the gambling industry. Their economy is lagging, and the one thing that can help is casino gambling. The new President-elect, Ma Ying-Jeou is ready to unlock the doors to the gambling world.

Ma Ying-Jeou has made his intentions very clear. When he is sworn into office on May 20th, a new age of gambling will begin in Taiwan. He has stated that he wants individual local county governments to have the right to issue gaming licenses.

The move will be an effort to help the struggling economy in the country. The hope is that if big time resort casinos are built, that gamblers from China will be lured away from Macau.

Macau has become the gambling capitol of the world. They passed Las Vegas, and with people now not having to fly across the world to gamble in Vegas, Macau has become the hot spot.

Taiwan will eventually be competing for the large amounts of revenue dollars that Macau is currently enjoying. The archipelago of Penghu will be the main beneficiary of being able to offer legalized casino gambling.

Although Ma will want to make the move, Parliament will still have to approve it. Once approved, local authorities would then have the power to license casino developers.

Electronic Bingo Bill In Alabama Removed By In Touch Senator

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Senator Harri Anne Smith from Slocomb, Alabama, has done something that not many politicians are prone to doing. She has listened to what the people she represent want.

She had originally proposed a Bill that would have prohibited electronic bingo gambling machines in Houston County. The Bill was in response to the development of an electronic bingo hall at the Country Crossing development.

After she introduced the Bill, she received letters from hundreds of citizens that let her know their feelings on the issue. What she did next was not common among politicians. She has asked the Senate Committee Chairman to stop her Bill.

“….Since I introduced this Bill I have heard from hundreds of people from all walks of life-in the newspaper, on the Internet, by phone, on radio and TV, and on the street. The good, solid citizens of our community have let me know in no uncertain terms how strongly they feel about this issue. The consensus is obvious to me. A majority of the people of Houston County clearly want the Country Crossing development to move forward because of what they believe it will mean to this area in terms of jobs and economic development,” said Smith, reading from a prepared statement at a news conference on Monday.

The economy is becoming a major issue in these types of decisions around the country. While most politicians would fight for the Bill, simply because they created, Smith took the high road and decided to do the honorable thing. She listened to the people that she represents.

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